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Not again, not again, not again

From this dream I can't awake

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Name:Henry Townshend


SERIES : Silent Hill 4
AGE : Late 20s
SPECIES & GENDER : Human, Male
OCCUPATION : Photographer
LOCATION : Room 302, South Ashfield Heights apartments
PERSONALITY : Though introverted and shy, Henry is rather altruistic and very protective of others. He's a nice guy all around but this whole apartment thing is starting to turn him a little... unstable.
APPEARANCE : Tall, somewhat lightweight with brown hair brushed aside to cover his right eye. Green eyes and currently is sporting a 5 o' clock shadow with the inability to properly shave. Last seen in a white undershirt, a light blue dress shirt, blood-splattered jeans, and dark dress shoes.

In or out up or down / never know its an illusion
round and round on and on / every day spins my confusion

Not again, not again, not again / from this dream I can't awake
what is real, what is real, what is real / it's getting hard for me to take
what I need, what I need, what I need / a little something I rely

... it's the room that confines me ...

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21 sacraments, 21121, books, cars, entrapment, exorcism, freedom, holy candles, insomnia, madness, magazines, photography, portals into other worlds, reading, room 302, sightseeing, silent hill, silver bullets, south ashfield heights, television, truth, vintage cars
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